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Anti Gravity Humidifier

Anti Gravity Humidifier

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 This Anti Gravity Humidifier is a fun way to get relief from dry air! Just fill it up with water, turn it on, then watch as the water dropplets defy gravity, creating a mist of refreshment to keep the air in your home or office hydrated and revitalized! Get ready to feel comfortably balanced no matter how high and mighty you get!





Double filter Secure in health

The first antibacterial filter element carries on the preliminary purification to the water quality

Smart LED display screen

Can display real-time time
temperature early know

One button switch design
Smart LED display screen

Can adjust the time in real time

Double power failure protection Effectively prevent dry burn

Water level detection and dry burn prevention sensor

Enjoy hydration throughout the day
Quietly humidify the skin all day long to keep it hydrated
Effectively increase room humidity
Moist space humidifier
8 hours of room
Dry space
air conditioner

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